THIOGUARD — not just a brand name, an innovator in
today’s resource recovery revolution.

Magnesium Hydroxide Slurry Suppliers


When municipal customers hear the name THIOGUARD, they usually think of Premier's product name for technical grade magnesium hydroxide, or milk of magnesia. However, since the creation of the first THIOGUARD applications, the THIOGUARD name has come to stand for so much more.

Since THIOGUARD's early roots as a topical coating on concrete sewers to prevent corrosion, Premier R&D and field staff invested significant money and energy into the study of the role of magnesia in wastewater from collection systems to biological treatment and biosolids processing. During the course of this evolutionary learning process, Premier has extracted the resources necessary to successfully apply THIOGUARD to reduce odors and corrosion, improve biological treatment processes, improve effluent quality, improve digester performance and improve biosolids quality within wastewater treatment system.

The key to the successful application of THIOGUARD is understanding the multifaceted chemistry that it contributes to the wastewater system.

MgOH+ + OH-
Mg+2 + 2OH-

When technical grade magnesium hydroxide slurry is added to an aqueous system, the system receives 1) a high surface area, reactive, electrostatic particle, 2) a buffering cation MgOH+, 3) an acid neutralizing OH- anion and 4) a divalent cation/mineral nutrient. It can raise and buffer pH, stabilize CO2/HCO3– balance, shift the M/D ratio, and supplement mineral stores.



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