Harness the Versatility of Magnesium Hydroxide

Improve Odor Control, Improve Nutrient Management and
Eliminate Caustic Usage for Significant Cost Savings

Magnesium Hydroxide

THIOGUARD® ΩMEGA-S is a safe, industrial-strength milk of magnesia that adds alkalinity and raises pH levels at your treatment plant. In current applications the addition of Thioguard Ωmega-S delivers these measurable benefits:

  • Delivers Bio-Friendly Alkalinity
  • Improves Nutrient Treatment, Management & Resource Recovery
  • Reduces H2S Systemwide
  • Reduces & Improves Biosolids
  • Reduces Costs

Thioguard Ωmega-S eliminates struvite scale and optimizes struvite recovery. In addition, it is the only odor control strategy that will have a positive influence on biological nutrient removal and nutrient recovery processes for nitrogen and phosphorus.

Enhance Your Anaerobic Digestion Process to Save Money & Improve Performance

Historically, iron compounds have been added to anaerobic digesters for odor control. However, Iron is responsible for a multitude of unintended consequences in digesters. Premier Magnesia and Thioguard have been using magnesium hydroxide to improve operation of anaerobic digesters for over 30 years. Magnesium hydroxide is an alternative to iron that will actually improve the operation of the digester. The table below clearly illustrates the benefits and COST SAVINGS when magnesium hydroxide is substituted for iron in anaerobic digesters.

If the owner or operator is concerned with struvite formation, THIOGUARD has a model to predict struvite formation potential and has a proven solution that will prevent struvite formation, if predicted by the model. THIOGUARD ΩMEGA-S actually prevents struvite formation. Do not let unwarranted concerns over possible struvite formation prevent your utility from reaping the benefits of magnesium hydroxide in your anaerobic digesters.