Harness the Versatility of Magnesium Hydroxide

Improve Odor Control, Improve Nutrient Management and
Eliminate Caustic Usage for Significant Cost Savings

Magnesium Hydroxide

THIOGUARD® ΩMEGA-S is a safe, industrial-strength milk of magnesia that adds alkalinity and raises pH levels at your treatment plant. In current applications the addition of Thioguard Ωmega-S delivers these measurable benefits:

  • Delivers Bio-Friendly Alkalinity
  • Improves Nutrient Treatment, Management & Resource Recovery
  • Reduces H2S Systemwide
  • Reduces & Improves Biosolids
  • Reduces Costs

Thioguard Ωmega-S eliminates struvite scale and optimizes struvite recovery. In addition, it is the only odor control strategy that will have a positive influence on biological nutrient removal and nutrient recovery processes for nitrogen and phosphorus.