THIOGUARD Takes the Cake… and Makes it Better.

For a nearly one million gallon a day plant in Lambertville, NJ the good news just kept on coming. First, they started using Thioguard  to condition their primary sludge to reduce odors from the plant. This worked so well, they began to ask, “Where else can Thioguard be applied?”

As the winds whipped in early Spring, it was discovered that a significant amount of odor was coming from the nearly quarter million gallon sludge holding tank at their site. Since Thioguard worked to reduce the primary sludge odors, they wondered if it would work for stored sludge waiting to be pressed.

After establishing a stable pH range of 7.5-8.0 s.u., with just a couple of gallons a day, odors were reduced to satisfactory levels… and then something very interesting happened. Not only were odors in the press building reduced, but the press cake was drier. On average nearly 20-40% drier.

Why? Thioguard is technical grade magnesium hydroxide: a buffered source of alkalinity that is used to increase pH. Elevated pH promotes better polymer performance. Not only that, but due to divalent cation bridging, the press supernatant quality can be clearer as well. Any remaining alkalinity is then returned in the supernatant to the headworks of the plant.

The Lambertville results were recently verified on a much larger scale through bench testing at a treatment plant in Newark, Ohio. The chart below illustrates expected typical annual cost savings in hauling and tipping after the addition of Thioguard at a 100 MGD plant. The bottom line? For every 1% improvement in cake solids, the plant would save approximately $214K in hauling and tipping costs. In multiple tests, the use of Thioguard consistently resulted in 5% to 13% improvement in cake solids with greatly reduced water weight. Drier cake solids means less to haul, and fewer loads translates directly into operational savings.

Premier Magnesia and Thioguard Extend our Thanks to Mary Evans for her Dedication to the Wastewater Treatment Industry

As we begin to emerge from the challenging times of this past year, it is
inspiring to be reminded of the tremendous works of the leaders around us.
On behalf of the Thioguard Team and the Premier Magnesia family,
Congratulations to Mary Evans on being selected for the
2021 W. Walter Chiang Lifetime Achievement Award

The Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) recently announced Mary Evans as this year’s recipient of the W. Walter Chiang Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes a current or past WEAT member who has demonstrated continual and tireless contributions toward the improvement of the water environment throughout a long, distinguished career in the wastewater treatment industry and in WEAT/WEF.

Mary Evans has had a very distinguished career serving the wastewater industry, including serving for over 10 years as the South-Central Regional Account Manager for Premier Magnesia, LLC. She is an outstanding leader for the industry, serving as a local Section President, WEAT President, WEAT Delegate to the WEF HOD, and many, many years in participation and as a leader for the WEAT and WEF Challenge Laboratory events and on numerous committees that look out for the best interests of WEAT in this challenging environment.

Mary has also worked with numerous utility staff for many years to educate them on appropriate laboratory techniques, not only for the optimization of their plant processes, but also for their plant compliance issues and operator certification/licensing opportunities. There are scores of folks who will tell you that Mary’s support was an integral key to their success in obtaining and increasing their operator licenses. Mary has exemplified the goals and vision of WEAT throughout her life, and she is most deserving of this recognition.

The Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT) is an open association of water environmental professionals, practitioners and operations specialists, and public officials with a broad range of expertise working together to foster members’ professional growth and development, educate the public on water quality issues, and benefit society through protection and enhancement of the water environment. For more information, visit

THIOGUARD is a leading supplier of technical grade magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide to the wastewater treatment industry. Thioguard’s Total System Treatment is a non-hazardous application with no required reportable quantities, and is owned, mined and produced in the USA. Thioguard provides more alkalinity than any other additive, it is effective at treating odors, corrosion and FOG (fats, oils and grease), and also provides positive plant benefits for nitrification, biosolids production, digester performance, and chlorination. Thioguard is a division of Premier Magnesia, LLC. For more information, visit